Fitzanne’s Property Exchange E40: Being a scheme executive is EASY!

As Sectional Title Schemes continue being a popular choice for home ownership in South Africa, the role of a scheme executive has never been more critical. In this episode of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, we look at the complex responsibilities and legal nuances that come with managing a community scheme effectively.

Managing a community scheme extends beyond basic compliance with the STSMA or Companies Act. Scheme executives must navigate various other legislation and practical challenges that impact their ability to administer community schemes efficiently. From dealing with labour laws to managing personal information under POPIA, the scope of responsibilities can be vast and varied.

This discussion highlights the common challenges faced by scheme executives, such as the interpretation of laws not directly addressed by the STSMA or Companies Act and the practical aspects of managing service providers and legal representatives within a community scheme.

Joining Pearl Scheltema is Dilen Heerschop, Director at Du Toit Burger Attorneys Incorporated. With his extensive background in community scheme litigation and a master’s degree in estate planning law, Dilen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His insights shed light on how scheme executives can enhance their management practices to ensure legal compliance and maintain a harmonious community environment.

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