To find a loyal tenant that would look after your property, can be a tedious exercise. Making sure your rent has been paid in time, handling routine maintenance of the property and securing a deposit are any owner¹s nightmare. Fitzanne has been engaged in Letting Services since 1982 and can provide peace of mind for al the above. Your property to let (flat to let or house to rent) is in expert hands at Fitzanne Estates. We offer letting services over the whole of Gauteng and will find the perfect tenant for your property to let. Should you want to let a house or flat, FITZANNE ESTATES, as letting agent, can offer the following all-inclusive package of services for your convenience of mind.

    All-Inclusive Letting Package:

    • Your house or flat is never vacant. It is at all time occupied by tenants carefully selected by us.
    • A lease is signed for a period negotiated in advance with you. The approved tenant pays a deposit equal to one month¹s rent. This deposit will remain in trust until the premises are vacated. We then inspect the property and arrange for the repair of any damage caused by the tenant.
    • We collect the rent for you every month. Should the tenant default, immediate steps are taken.
    • In consultation with you, we adjust the rent (and deposit) according to market trends.
    • As owner, you will always be well informed. Before the 14th day of the month a financial statement will be forwarded to you.
    • Should you so wish, we also supply you with a detailed statement for income tax purposes at the end of each financial year.
    • In addition, we execute any financial commitment you may have, such as bond payments.

    letting property management.

    We can also advise you on:

    • The provisions of the Rent Act as they affect you
    • The maintenance and upkeep of your property
    • Sectional (and Full) Title Administration

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