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Our forte, sectional title management and full title management are at the heart of our company
Our market conditions knowledge in letting will ensure your property remains your greatest asset.
Allow our expertise to become yours and obtain the very best for your investment.
Own your role as a confident trustee with the very best sectional title training by industry experts recommended by us.

Property Management, Trustee training and Property trends are the name of the game and Fitzanne Estates are the best players of the game. With a management portfolio containing more than 6 000 units, our expertise in Sectional Title Training the latest property news as well as property sales is clearly evident. Since 1982, our knowledge and skills have been continually refined and we strive to continue.

Not only do we keep you informed on the very latest in property industry, sales, section 21 companies and more, we also empower by expanding your knowledge base. As the property industry evolves (and it does so often), you can rely on us to keep you informed in every aspect.

Our service offerings also include giving you access to the very best service providers. From Plumbers to Electricians from Auditors to Handy men, our preferred service providers will add immense value and comes highly recommended.

We proudly and strictly comply with all the necessary legal requirements concerning property law and we will ensure that you do too. It’s true; our best is the least we can do! We will always endeavor to establish a relationship with you based on INTEGRITY, LOYALTY and TRUST. With our team, enjoy professional customized service.