What to Expect When Appointing a Managing Agent

Appointing a Managing Agent to take care of the day-to-day needs, property administration, and overall management of a Sectional Title Scheme is a great choice for Bodies Corporate and Scheme Executives who want the process to run smoothly and effectively. But what does the process of appointing a Managing Agent look like?

Here’s the gist of what you can expect when you reach out to Fitzanne Estates. 

The Interview and Quotation Process

At Fitzanne Estates, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach and will go out of our way to streamline the process for the Scheme Executives that reach out to us. This includes gaining a thorough understanding of each unique Sectional Title Estate, the intricacies thereof, and the singular challenges they are faced with.

As such, whenever we get a request from a Body Corporate to provide a quote or learn more about our services, our Marketing and Communications Manager will put together a comprehensive property administration quote. Once the quote has been submitted to the Scheme Executives, our CEO, Pearl Scheltema, reaches out herself to follow up on whether there are any questions.

As the CEO of the company, she is best positioned to provide each prospective client with proper advice and guidance right from the start. Getting in touch personally provides her with all the information we need to tailor a set of Sectional Title Management solutions that speak to the needs of each Sectional Title Scheme or Home Owner’s Association individually.

Once our initial discussion is complete the Scheme Executives can then consider the proposal, who will typically invite us to do a presentation to the full board if they like what they see.

Even before we are engaged as the Managing Agents of a scheme, our goal is to provide prospective clients with as much valuable advice and guidance as possible, so they can feel confident that we understand their set-up and will be able to provide effective property administration solutions to their challenges.

Voting and Appointment

Appointment decisions are then made and executed by means of a vote by the Scheme Executives. Leading up to this meeting, our CEO is available to all role players to provide anything they may need to get the vote in place.

Once an appointment date has been solidified, it’s time to put a contract in place. We use the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)’s prescribed standard agreement. In the past, before the law was changed, it was only possible to appoint a Managing Agent for the duration of a year, mapped from one Annual General Meeting to the next. The new laws, however, allow for an appointment of up to three years.

If a handover is required from a previous agent, Fitzanne Estates takes care of this from a logical point of view, leaving the Scheme Executives free to concentrate on other pressing matters.

Managing Agent Services Provided

After this process has been completed, Fitzanne Estates as Managing Agent plays the role of dutiful assistant, taking our lead from the Scheme Executives and their chairperson. With our knowledge and understanding of Sectional Title laws, we take it upon ourselves to guide Scheme Executives when taking decisions that will affect the scheme and its members. Our Property Management Services include Property Administration, Collections, Accounting, and Secretarial Functions pertaining to Sectional Title Schemes.

We take care of administrative functions, such as:

  • Managing the owners’ register.
  • Safekeeping of the governance documents such as the conduct rules.
  • Issuing clearance and insurance certificates as and when required.
  • Performing general secretarial duties.
  • Recording, preparing, and circulating the minutes of the Scheme Executive meetings and the AGM’s.
  • The preparation and circulation of all correspondence to owners and residents.

We assist in legal matters such as:

  • Safekeeping of the minute books in perpetuity.
  • Provision of a legal address domicilium citandi et executandi for the body corporate.
  • Provision of a public officer.
  • Calculating the South African Revenue Services’ (SARS) taxation amount and submitting returns timeously.
  • Archiving and safekeeping of all body corporate records, as required by current legislation.

Financial functions we fulfill include:

  • Raising and assisting in the collection of all normal and special levies that are payable by the owners.
  • Liaising with the Scheme Executives, assisting with the collection of levies in arrears and handing these matters over to the body corporate collection attorneys if instructed to do so.
  • Providing owners with monthly levy statements.
  • Paying all legitimate accounts on behalf of the body corporate.
  • Arranging the annual audit with auditors.
  • Preparing the annual budget and levy schedule for approval by the members at the AGM.
  • And more.

To pave the way for streamlined operations, we also take care of managerial functions such as:

  • Consulting and providing advice on sectional title matters, if required.
  • Monitoring and advising regarding whether or not Scheme Executives’ actions or intentions are within existing legislation.
  • Attending (by invitation) three Scheme Executive meetings per annum.
  • Arranging and attending Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) and Special General Meetings.
  • Arranging insurance coverage for the Body Corporate with brokers as directed by the members at the AGM.
  • And more.

Fitzanne Estates is a leading property management services company based in Pretoria and servicing the larger Gauteng province. Led by a team with over 40 years of experience in this sector we offer proven management services for any property, new developments, and estates. We specialise in sectional title property administration and the management of homeowners’ associations.

Our property management services include Property Administration, Collections, Accounting, and Secretarial Functions pertaining to sectional title schemes.

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