Empowering Women in SA’s Property Industry: Celebrating Progress in Women’s Month

As South Africa prepares to celebrate Women’s Month this year, the property management and real estate industry is set to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and resilience of women who have contributed to this dynamic sector. This year’s theme, “Women’s Socio-Economic Rights and Empowerment: Building Back Better for Women’s Improved Resilience,” resonates deeply with the spirit of progress and unity among women.

In a sector often regarded as traditionally male-dominated, the unwavering dedication of women in property management and real estate has reshaped the narrative. Pearl Scheltema, CEO of Fitzanne Estates, emphasises, “Our journey is a testament to the strength and determination that women possess. We’ve hurdled over challenges and are creating lasting impacts.”

The theme of this year’s celebration aligns perfectly with the aspirations of women in the industry, as it spotlights their socio-economic rights and empowerment. Pearl Scheltema, an inspiring leader in her own right, notes, “Empowerment isn’t just a word; it’s a guiding principle that propels us forward. When women are empowered, families, communities, and entire nations benefit.”

With the ongoing global recovery from unprecedented challenges, the property management and real estate industry is presented with a unique opportunity to “Build Back Better.” Pearl Scheltema speaks of this opportunity with optimism: “Our resilience is our foundation for progress. As we rebuild, we must remember that inclusivity and diversity are pillars of a stronger tomorrow.”

Fitzanne Estates, under Pearl Scheltema’s visionary leadership, has become a beacon of empowerment and progress in the property management landscape. Through unwavering dedication, the company has not only navigated the complexities of the industry but has also carved a path for other women to follow. “When we lift each other up, we all rise,” Pearl Scheltema declares.

The celebration of Women’s Month in the property management and real estate industry isn’t just about recognising past achievements; it’s about setting a precedent for the future. “Our journey continues beyond this month, and it’s our responsibility to inspire the next generation of women leaders,” emphasises Pearl Scheltema.

As the month-long celebration unfolds, Fitzanne Estates and women across the property management and real estate industry stand united, working towards a future where women’s socio-economic rights are fully realised, and empowerment is an unwavering reality.

In the words of Pearl Scheltema, “Together, we’re architects of change, engineers of empowerment, and builders of a brighter, more inclusive world.”

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