Appointing a Property Managing Agent: What to consider

A Property Managing Agent plays an important role in ensuring that yours is a safe and successful community scheme providing a good living environment and good investment  for owners and residents. It’s not an easy task to find a suitable Managing Agent for your scheme. Not only do you want to find a Property Managing Agent that can deal with issues quickly and effectively, but their services needs to be as good and reasonably priced as possible.

Whether you’re searching for a manager for a new building or development or your current manager’s contract is up for renewal, consider these points before making your decision:

A managing agent must be a registered estate agent and they must also have an up-to-date Fidelity Fund Certificate issued by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority.

It is advised that the agent is a registered a member of the National Association of Managing Agents of South Africa (NAMASA).

Experience matters. Having a managing agent with years of experience is valuable as they will have previous experience with dealing with typical problems that arise and know how to avoid such issues.

The managing agent must be familiar and up-to-date with the Sectional Titles Act and its amendments.

If an agency has a great track record and happy clients, it means that they are reliable and experts at what they do. Choose a company with more than 5 references from different schemes.

Having effective reporting is vital to the success of a sectional title scheme and the managing agent must confirm the reporting services offered.

A managing agent will attend various meetings where they will have to address the body corporate. This will demand skills in conducting a meeting, public speaking, taking minutes and managing people and their grievances.

Fitzanne Estates offers comprehensive property management. Our forte, sectional title management and full title management are at the heart of our company. Now that you know what to look for, why not give us a call on 012 342 3710 / 18, email and have a look on the website for more about our property management services.

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