Sectional Title Schemes Should Budget for the Education and Training of Trustees

The election of Trustees, who oversee and administer a Body Corporate’s affairs, is one of the most essential decisions a Body Corporate makes each year, but many elected Trustees are unaware of the extent of their roles and responsibilities.

Understanding the STSMA

Trustees have a variety of obligations that they must do while adhering to the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA), the scheme’s management and conduct rules, and, to a lesser extent, the Community Schemes Ombud Services Act (CSOS Act).

It is critical for everyone interested in serving as a Trustee to ensure that they thoroughly understand their position and obligations; presuming that Trustees will learn as they go is not in the scheme’s best interests. Trustees can be held personally and legally responsible for their acts if the scheme or its members suffer losses because of Trustee decisions.

Getting educated and staying informed

Some exiting Trustees are frequently re-elected the following year. New Trustees should draw on more experienced Trustees for guidance because they can learn a lot from them.

The downside of re-electing Trustees is that, in some cases, they may have acquired some bad habits which they will then continue to apply. It can be very destructive to the scheme if they go without being questioned by fellow Trustees or owners about their wrong behaviour or lack of expertise.

Trustees and owners can contact the organizations listed below or use the resources listed below to get help with Trustee training courses and increase their knowledge of sectional title legislation and scheme. management:

  • The Managing Agent of the scheme:

Managing Agents can offer trustees advice and short Trustee training courses to assist them in their decision-making.

  • Independent sectional title trainers and consultants:

There are several well-known experts that can provide Trustee training courses or function as independent Trustees.

  • National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA):

NAMA is the leading sectional title association, representing and regulating sectional title Managing Agents. They hold workshops at various sites across the country on a regular basis.

  • Webinars and blogs:

Webinars, blogs, and videos produced by independent sectional title specialists are among the many good tools available online.

The advantage of being in the know

Trustees must always make decisions that are fair and reasonable, and never in their personal best interests, regardless of the situation. Trustees that are well-informed and educated are better able to make sound judgments that are compliant with regulatory regulations. They are better prepared to cope with difficult scheme challenges and can rely on the expertise they gained during workshops or Trustee training courses.

Trustees can set realistic expectations for owners and establish a fair service baseline for their Managing Agent if they are competent. As a result, when the Managing Agent is effectively managed and understands what is expected of them, they will perform better. The Managing Agent is also aware that the Trustees are accepting responsibility for their role in the scheme’s management and that they do not expect the Managing Agent to do everything.

The only way to become a well-informed trustee is to have the desire to do so, as well as the time and resources to attend workshops and trustee training courses.

For these reasons, the Body Corporate of a Sectional Title Scheme should set aside a specific amount of money in each budget for trustee education and training. This will guarantee that trustees have access to the knowledge and information they need to carry out their duties as the elected executives of the scheme.

Fitzanne Estates offers comprehensive Trustee training courses and guidelines as to what is expected of you as Body Corporate member, Trustee, or Scheme Executive through our unique Trustee training courses. Training courses range from introductory to advanced management.

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