Beware of dodgy home inspectors

In this day and age, with technology vastly expanding, everything is made easier to access. From Googling the nearest shopping mall that is closest to your home to now creating your own qualifications online. That is how the internet has quickly become a quick measure used for fraud. A somewhat threat to the society we live in today.

The announcement by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) that a proposed Property Practitioner’s Bill is currently in it’s early stages of creation has triggered a response by the CEO of Inspect-A-Home, Eric Bell, saying that they are fully behind the idea that the home inspection industry should be regulated.

Mr Bell also stressed over the fact that it is all too easy for backyard operators to begin trading with qualifications that are well within the no traceable zone which affects already established companies which in the long run, affects the consumers, putting their lives and belongings at risk.

The Property Practitioner’s Bill will make clear the roles of both the agents and home inspectors. According to Mr Bell, home inspectors will now become a category of property practitioners and will fall under the rules and regulations of the PPRA. This will now require Estates agents to give buyers and sellers the option of using home inspection services, rather than home inspection services being forced upon. All in the name of reassurance and safety.

With all bring said, we urge you to be cautious. Before hiring a home inspector, make sure that they are a legitimate company that will deliver to the highest quality. Before buying or selling any property, you need to hire an established home inspection company to complete an all-rounded inspection of the interior and exterior of the property that is being bought or being sold. This will allow you to know exactly what the state of the property you want to sell or buy is currently in.