A birthday full of surprises, fun, laughter, love and celebration best describes that of Pieter Fitzgerald. What He thought would be a normal birthday breakfast shared with family, friends and business colleagues turned out to be quite the contrary. Watching a bunch of dancers who are all wearing T-shirts with your face on it while indulging in your favourite breakfast at a restaurant is rather farfetched for any ordinary folk. A birthday celebrated in a truly ARTISTIC way.

Artistic Intelligence partnered with a few of South Africa’s power house crews such as Freeze Frame and Phly Nation in order to liven up the vision seen by Daphne, daughter of the honoured. A room filled with one of the best street dance minds in South Africa will always guarantee a job well done. A smooth and funky choreography piece to Pharrel Williams’ Happy seemed to be the perfect piece for the occasion.

After a year of planning in secrecy, the day had finally arrived. The joy and excitement filled the air as the Artistic Intelligence team took an early morning drive to Pretoria’s Papas Gourmet Food Restaurant in order to meet up with the dancers at the venue before the guests arrived. After a run through of the dance everyone quickly got into disguise, hiding in plain sight pretending to be customers in the restaurant.

Moments later the honoured, Pieter Fitzgerald arrived at the venue not having a clue of the surprise waiting for him. Greetings, well wishes and love embraced the honoured throughout the table. Speeches and prayers from the family and colleagues were heard. Gifts accompanied by a champagne toast in honour of Pieter had been shared and a spirit of love and warmth filled the venue. The time had come, and with no anticipation the song played and all the dancers wearing the T-shirts stood up and started grooving to the beat, including Daphne. The expression on Pieter and the invited guests was truly priceless. Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces made all the hard work and preparation seem small at that moment. A perfect way to bid Pieter Fitzgerald a happy 60th birthday.