The Best Tips to Clean After Smoking Tenants

Property management encompasses a lot of aspects, one of the most vital aspect is overseeing that properties are thoroughly clean and presentable. A room should smell fresh.

Managing properties comes with responsibilities and it’s essential to make sure that all properties are kept in a neat and tidy condition. Tenants that smoke leave behind a strong stench that can be a major concern especially to new, non-smoking tenants.

However with the right cleaning tips this stench can be easily removed. All the bedding, couch cushions, curtains should be thoroughly washed. When deodorising the house, it’s important to cover furniture inside the room – especially when using a moist deodoriser.

Windows and mirrors can be cleaned effectively by using a mixture of water and white vinegar poured in a spray bottle – to be wiped with clean, dry cloth.

Distilled vinegar is efficient for wooden furniture and a majority of home appliances. Walls can also be wiped down by using vinegar and a mixture of cleaning equipment.
It is suggested to clean walls as odours apparently stick to walls. If a thorough wipe-down does not do the trick , paint.

Counters, Cupboards and shelves can be also cleaned by using the vinegar and cleaning liquid mixture. You can use bleach but it’s recommended to use it with caution. Remember to keep the room ventilated during and after the cleaning.

Steam clean all the carpets and upholstered furniture in the house and use a deodorising spray after the clean. Unfortunately, this will not remove the scent completely but it will make the process slightly easier.