Tenants rights when landlord sells property

A property owner is entitled to put their property up for sale at any time, however, the rights of the tenant are still of utmost importance.

Most tenants do not know their rights and obligations. Yes, the tenant is required to allow reasonable access to their property for viewings to prospective buyers. A reasonable tenant should make an effort to keep the residence as neat and tidy as possible when visitors are expected.

Fitzanne Estate has been assisting in situations where a landlord sold a property whilst the tenant still had an active lease agreement. The landlord never respected the tenants’ rights. The tenant was forced to vacate the property whenever a prospective buyer had viewings. The landlord allowed visitors to wonder around the property day and night without the tenants being there.

When the tenant reported this at our offices Fitzanne had to take charge. The tenant has the right to be present when the property is being shown and view only when the tenant is available, no viewings can be done without the tenant approval. That was not the end of the violation of tenant rights. After the property was sold our tenant was caught in a situation where he had to vacate the premises, so the new landlord can move in.

This is where Fitzanne used “Huur gaat voor koop”. This clause protects the rights of a tenant to the property whilst the lease agreement is still in force. The tenant may remain in the property after it has been sold, until the expiration of the lease agreement.
Some good advice would be: Should a tenant get notified that the property is up for sale, arrange a meeting with the landlord or the agent to discuss the situation. Make sure all communication is in writing in order to avoid any misunderstandings.