Changes to your Sectional Title Unit

It appears as though we have fast tracked through January and are now leaping into February.  Many of us are quite righty contemplating how to improve in every aspect: whether personally or within our careers. Having said this, there are of course many question marks regarding alterations or enhancements to homes, including enlargement of space.  Allow us to clear up the gray areas for you.

First, what permissions are required to make alterations or improvements to your sectional title? Understand that the very reason there are such seemingly stringent rules concerning alterations it is to the best interest of all residents to create a harmonious appearance (we all know we have very individual tastes after all). Know that harmony extends beyond the aesthetic and rather refers to adhering to the agreed upon design elements of all units, whether your improvements are more aesthetically pleasing or not.

There are a few significant requirements to make alterations to your section, namely:

  • A special resolution approving the alterations authorised by the members of the body corporate.
  • Should there be an intention to extend the unit’s current area by more than 5%; Bondholder approval with the interest of the sectional title scheme is required.
  • Due to the larger area, it goes without saying that an amended sectional plan as well as a new schedule of participation quotas (PQ’s,) will ultimately affect the levies due
  • Finally, the building work proposed (which can only be obtained after the changes of the sectional plans have been approved and registered) needs to be approved by the local authority.

Best advice to prevent complications, set the boundaries from the outset. Developers who are able to foresee the need of the body corporate will aid in avoiding many gray hairs.