A safe home in the festive season

With the frenzy of the festive season fast approaching. The wonderful times being spent with friends and family. The holiday trips to all four corners of the earth and the hectic late gift shopping about to start. One can only find closure knowing that their property is being well taken care of and protected whilst being gone. It is a season of fun and games, laughter and joy and the most anticipated part of the season. The giving and receiving of gifts. A recipe that usually results in homes not being given the time and attention it deserves in order to be a safe house throughout the season of joy. You should be laid back and relaxed, your home on the other hand should be on high alert.

You might be asking yourself how this should be done. How do you keep your house protected at all times? What are the guarantees that your house will not be a victim of theft? We will be giving you a few tips and pointers from the South African Police Service (SAPS) as well as the Business against Crime Association on how to keep your house safe whilst you are away.

The first step into making sure that your house is properly protected is by checking and making sure that all security systems found in your house are indeed working before leaving for holiday. This step is one that is more often than not neglected which can lead to a very disastrous ending. Investing in burglar guards for your windows is also a precaution that can safe your house from being broken into. Making sure that all windows are firmly locked is also a routine that you need to be familiarised with.

Do not leave any messages on your answering machine, door or mailbox regarding your festive season plans as this can be bait for a burglar to enter your home. Having a reliable person to undergo regular checks on your house, clear your mailbox, feed your pets should you have is a very good idea. A constant flow of people checking up on your home could bring out the illusion that you never left.

We hope that this is going to help you become more aware of what could happen and how you can avoid anything from happening. We wish you a joyful festive season and happy holidays.