POPI & PAIA compliance for all community schemes

YES! The time has come: The Protection of Personal Information Act’s deadline for compliance is steadfastly approaching, being 1 July 2021.

This deadline brings forth significant changes to the administration of community schemes, particularly when dealing with member’s or other stakeholder’s Personal Information.

What you should know

A community scheme processes the personal information of their residents (registered members and rentees), and as such will be considered as a “Responsible Party”! Accordingly, all community schemes must comply with the provisions of the Act and will have to, inter alia, develop, implement, and adhere to the necessary policies.

Further, community schemes are obliged to appoint an information officer. The duties and responsibilities of the information officer include the following:

  • Updating management on its responsibilities in terms of the Act
  • Analyse the organisations privacy and data protection policies on a regular basis.
  • Develop and implement information protection procedures and related policies.
  • Conduct audits in terms of the Act on a regular basis.
  • Approve any contracts entered into with operators, employees, and other third parties which may have an impact on personal information held by the scheme.
  • Ensure that employees / Trustees / Directors / agents are fully aware of the risks associated with the processing of Personal Information.

As a cautionary note, a community scheme’s failure to adhere to the POPI Act may have dire, if not irreparable consequences, which can include fines of up to R10 million and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months.

How we can assist you

As part of our continued commitment to our clients, we can provide the required protection of perusal information policy document, to tailor-fit these needs within a community scheme context.

These policies will be an “all–in–one” guide to ensure your community scheme’s compliance with the POPI and PAIA Act, as well as, including all the necessary practical implementation documents to mitigate against breaches of the POPI Act.

You may appoint a representative of Fitzanne Estates as your “Information Officer” in an effort to alleviate you from the enormous responsibility. You are, however, more than welcome to appoint your own “Information Officer” who could well be a Caretaker, Director, or Chairperson.

What will the cost be?

  • Drafting of compliance policies: R2500.00 once-off fee.
  • Lodging / Registering of your own “Information officer”: Included in the once-off cost of R2500.00.
  • Lodging / Registering of a representative of Fitzanne Estates as your “Information Officer”: Included in the once-off cost of R2500.00.
  • Quarterly audit of Personal information by Fitzanne Estates representative: R450.00 (every 3rd month).
    Inspection by “POPI Police” (if any) of Fitzanne representative: R500.00 per inspection.

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