8 Reasons to buy your first property now

As the property market is slowly curving upwards, maybe it is time to think of investments to assist with future needs?

Reasons to invest in property NOW:

  • Property is the most stable and reliable return on investment.
  • It is also an investment where you are able to receive an immediate return.
  • Buying a home now is cheaper than renting and you have something to call your own!
  • The rent income will also increase as the value of your investment increases over time. This is sure to stay intact with living cost and the annually inflation increases. (Currently at an estimated 7%).
  • Property can be used as surety, when you are thinking of venturing into other business.
  • There are tax benefits to owning property. A percentage of the levy and maintenance on certain investments may be deducted.
  • Property value is projected to always be on the increase, which will result in profit with resell.
  • At retirement age, bonds should be paid off which leave the pensioners/home owner with a market related income. Only liability of levies, possible maintenance and property rates.