Having been in the Property Management Industry since 1982 with over 6000 units in our care, it’s fair to say that we’re an organisation that can be relied upon when it comes to Trustee training. So you’ve come so far as to be elected to the Board of Trustees for your sectional title complex! You are perhaps asking yourself where to start or perhaps, how to move forward from here. There are various trustee duties and responsibilities that you need to be aware of in order to invest your time adequately to act as an effective trustee.

Training will include aspects of the following:
  • You can choose to attend our intensive and in-depth 2 month course which covers every aspect of the function of trustees. It includes informing you of what is expected of you, relative to the Sectional Title Act. Simultaneously, we will cover the intermittent changes to the Sectional Title Act. A significant part of our training focuses on financial management. We will teach you all about working with efficiency and integrity when it comes to the finances as well as how to determine levies and to manage body corporate finance in accordance with the approved budget. Our training also covers labour related matters and how to appropriately implement the disciplinary processes for instance or if it’s required, retrenchment of employees.
  • We also run a once-off, evening training session which covers the basic function of trustees-the perfect training session for newly elected trustee members.
The benefit of training:
  • The greatest training benefit is that it’s an empowering process: expanding your knowledge base and will enable you to fulfil your functions properly.
Training presenters:
  • The training will be presented by Industry experts and CEO of Fitzanne Estates, Pearl Scheltema as well as experts from the various fields.
Our tip to you

With the ever changing nature of the law and life, trustees should update their knowledge and training at least every 18 months.

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