Meet the sales team Zama

How long have you been a real estate agent?

I joined Keller Williams Edge in February 2018 and in April 2018, I was given an opportunity to join the first group of Real Estate Internship Program, which is subsidized by SETA. I was registered with the College of Business & Auctioneering.

  • The program is an NQF4 Real Estate Internship that runs for 12 months.
  • You learn while you work, and there is a Logbook that one must complete during this 12- month period.
  • As an Intern, you have a mentor, a full status agent, who is the one who signs your contracts, until you complete the course.
  • Once you complete all the modules and Logbook for Internship, the modules are then submitted to the EAAB moderator.
  • You then receive a certificate for the Logbook.
  • There is a PDF4 exam that you also must write before you qualify as a full status agent, which I have not yet written. I am hoping to register for the August 2021 exams.

Why did you become a real estate agent?

I am from a sales background. My mother was a successful vegetable hawker, and I grew up helping her to sell her products to

the community. That motivated me a great deal because I could see the results of her hard work. She managed to build us a beautiful home from the proceeds of her sales. She (and my father) also managed to encourage us to go to school for us to be able to sustain ourselves in the future.

I also tried my luck in the insurance industry, which allowed me to interact with different levels, races, ages, and classes of people. I spent most of my career years in the insurance industry. In 2017 December, circumstances forced me to move from my home province to Gauteng. I had to find myself a job, and I stayed in a flat with my cousin. I wanted to know more about how the business of these huge buildings works. That is when I came across the owner and principal of Keller Williams Edge, who hired me as one of his agents.

What motives you?

In this career, I am motivated by waking up every day, looking forward to changing someone’s life. I am also motivated by knowing that any day could change my financial status from having nothing to being a millionaire. I draw most of my strength from the fact that I write my own cheque, meaning that if I work, I will earn something.

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

First and foremost, as an estate agent, one must have a car. I do not have a car and that sets some limitations as to which areas do I choose to serve. For example, even if I get a property in Pretoria North, I will accept but cannot service it. I will then give the property to someone who has a car, who can go there easily.

I was once involved in a serious misunderstanding, between the purchaser and the company. The purchaser showed interest in buying one of my listings and she also wanted to rent from our company. She was then allowed to rent one of the units, in the same building as the one she wants to purchase. The challenge now was that the flat she rented was spotlessly clean and just been renovated.

When the time came for her to move into “her” flat, she found it a total opposite to the previous one. She threatened to withdraw from buying because this one is not the same as the one she occupied prior. After some talks with the management, it was resolved that her flat should also be renovated and cleaned, to save the deal. I give credit to our management team.

What is the best part of being a real estate agent?

  • The incentives.
  • Getting referrals because of the good service you rendered.
  • Seeing a smile from the family whose lives you have changed.
  • Financial freedom.
  • Working at your own pace and results are determined by your choice of pace.
  • Being part of a winning team.
  • Learning opportunities, there is growth in this industry. One can end up owning their Real Estate Agency, through learning and studying.

What skills or personality traits should you have to make you successful?

  • Time management
  • People skills
  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills/presentation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Planning skills
  • Studying towards Real Estate Agent Diploma/Degree and practice as one.

What does your typical day look like?

The first thing before I wake up, I listen to the daily devotions from YouTube. I say my prayers and check my messages. If I have to respond while I am still in bed, I do that. After taking my bath, I eat breakfast and go to work.

First thing when I get to work, I open my laptop, check messages, and respond to them. I then check my diary, to see if I have any early appointments and make calls to confirm. I open Fusion, update my listings, to make sure that they go to the top list for the day.

I check for sale by owner from OLX, Gumtree and Junkmail, and if there is anything that needs my attention, I attend to it. My biggest challenge is social media. My social media advertising is not as active as it should be. I think I am a slow learner when it comes to technology. But with the help of my colleagues, Driekie and Bernard, in particular, I think I am getting there.

What advice can you give aspiring real estate agents?

What I can say is that Real Estate Agency does not have an age limit. If you are passionate about it, you can stay in the industry until your last breath.

  • Be willing to learn, do not be afraid to ask when you do not know.
  • Empower yourself by listening to property podcasts and property programs from the radio and television.
  • Be registered with institutions that offer real estate courses.
  • Be part of networking groups where property investors and agents meet.
  • Be part of the community where you live and introduce yourself as the area real estate agent.
  • After-sales service, such as checking if your clients have settled nicely in their new home, knowing your clients’ birthdays, their children’s birthdays, their anniversaries.
  • Do not be shy to let people know who you are and what you do for a living. Do not judge people by their outer appearance, because you might lose a sale from someone you looked down on.

Whether you’re looking for a home to buy or sell, contact Zama today.

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